Antibes, a resort town in southeastern France which is situated between Cannes and Nice, is best known for its coast. It was a Greek fortified town and has always been an active port for trading. In the present era it is popular with the non-French and the local population as an attractive and active town.

The natural beauty of the town lies in the old town possessing arched walls for protections along the port. You will come across a number of streets that are there to be explored, shops which vary from general stores to the gift shops and the restaurants which offer a large variety of food at variable price. Sports are an important part of their culture and they are the proud hosts of the National Training Center for basketball.

A good walk from Antibes is the night life area of night clubs, sandy beaches and casinos; the seaside resort Juan les Pins. Port Vauban used to be the heart of Antibes during the Greek rule and today it is the largest marina of Europe. World’s largest yachts anchor here. Built on a promontory overlooking this port is a massive fortress, Fort Carre where Napoleon was imprisoned after the fall of Robespierre. In the recent years it has been put to use as the sports and youth center. Antibes together with Juan les Pins is surrounded by 48 beaches and has a number of places worth visiting.

The Picasso Museum, the Naval Museum of Napoleon and the Archaeology Museum are a must visit if you ever have the fortune of visiting Antibes. Standing on a lofty hilltop, the Garoupe Lighthouse provides a spectacular view of the region. For anybody who wants to have fun relaxed vacations, Antibes is the very place for you and your family. Enjoy!