Being a commune of France and occupying the Alpes Maritime department makes Cannes a busy tourist destination. However, the attraction of this place does not end here; it is the place where Cannes Film Festival is held annually. Located in the French Riveria this city is famous for its hotels, restaurants and various luxury shops. Initially, it used to be a small fishing village but today it has become an expensive and glamorous seaside town which is considered to be one of the social hubs of Europe. During the film festival a person can see his favorite actor, celebrity and director and if he is lucky enough, he can get an autograph too.

The breathtaking scenery, cobbled streets and the architecture of Le Sequet is not something that can be ignored. The view afforded by the castle ruins at the top is excellent. La Croisette is a waterfront avenue well known for its picturesque beaches, café and restaurants. The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence lodges artifacts that range from prehistoric to present times. Other such avenues include Musée de la Marine, Musée de la Mer, Musée de la Photographie and Musée International de la Parfumerie.

The grand villas of Cannes are symbolic of the 18th century. These villas were built keeping in mind the wealth and rank of the owner and range from medieval castles to Roman villas. It has been declared as an ideal place for the shopaholics. It is a shopper’s heaven for expensive and chic items. Rue d Antibes (a street running through the city’s center) is one of the chief shopping areas. Shops of every type are along this road and here there are many places with fine gift items. Moreover, here you will also find casino Croisette which is considered to be the most popular casino in the country.