Eze village

On the edge of a narrow rocky peak overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is the medieval village of Eze. It is a well-known tourist site of French Riveria, being famous for the breathtaking view of the sea from the hill top. The ruins of the 12th century fortified castle still crown the ancient village.

The oldest building of the village dates back to 1306 and goes by the name Chapelle de la Sainte Croix. The various buildings themselves speak about the history of the area. The shape of the bell turret points out that once it had belonged to the Republic of Genoa. Beside these prehistoric buildings, this small medieval village is well known for its eternal beauty and charm.

Various galleries, restaurants, shops and hotels situated in this area are an attraction for the tourists especially for the lovebirds out on honeymoon. Therefore, often enough, one sees more tourists than the local residents. The little shaded squares and the view out over the valley as one climbs up are some of the chief factors as to why people love to spend their vacations in this village.

The old crumbling buildings and narrow streets of Eze village have been very well renovated to streets of red brick centered stones and buildings having high stone walls. Phoenix perched on a bone is the symbol of the village and well suited to this emblem is the motto of the village that means ‘in the death I am reborn’.

The panoramic views afforded by this village are not something that should be missed. Moreover, it has been grouped as one of the ‘Route of the Perched Villages’, thus making it an even more attractive tourism destination. What’s more the fact that Walt Disney spent significant time in this very village is enough to get children excited about this place.