The world’s capital of perfume, Grasse, is located on a hill, inland from the coast of French Riveria. It has been a popular tourist resort since the past many centuries due to the smell of flowers that fills the clean healthy air. Various famous personalities of the past such as Queen Elizabeth and Princess Pauline Bonaparte vacationed here to regain their mental and physical health. The views of Grasse are breathtaking and same goes for the views of the coast from Grasse or the hills above.

The old town is an interesting place to visit. Tiny streets winding around the 17th 18th century buildings are worth wandering. The major attraction of Grasse is the Notre Dame du Puy cathedral that was founded in the 11th century and the huge 18th century clock tower that it possesses. Other places worth visiting include the Saracen tower, the International Museum of Perfume, monumental gate of Hotel de Ville, Church of Placassier, Fragonard Museum and many more.

The French perfume industry started in the 16th century and its prosperity can be judged from the fact that the perfume industry turns over more than 600 million Euros every year. And this is all because of the particular microclimate of Grasse that encourages the flower farming industry. Every year at the beginning of August a festival that goes by the name La Jasminade is held in which flower battle takes place and people are showered with the natural perfumes of the flowers. An international exhibition of roses is also held each year. Street performances, parties and fireworks are an everyday happening. Just to the north of Grasse are the porous limestone hills where there are number of grottos and holes waiting to be explored. So if you haven’t decided where to spend these vacations don’t ponder, just opt for Grasse, the perfume city.