Menton, ‘The Lemon Festival Capital of the World’ is more Italian than French. Winter is almost never experienced here, therefore, the tourists can enjoy the beautiful sea and the nearby mountains in any month of the year. Besides being the paradise of gardens it also enjoys a unique display of architecture.

Other than the tranquility, the scents and the colors, a diversity of activities can be practiced here the entire year and this is why it earned the name ‘The Pearl of France’. Compared to the rest of the French Riveria it has a milder microclimate and it is here that in the 19th century the TB patients of Northern Europe came to regain their health. From Countess Eugenie to Jean Cocteau, numerous well known personalities have visited this magical setting in order to recuperate. The microclimate also boasts the growth of tangerine, lemon and orange groves, thus the town’s symbol is lemon.

The various famous gardens of this town include the Jardin Serre de la Madone, the Jardin botanique exotique de Menton, the Fotana Rosa and the Maria Serena Garden. It is the house of at least half a dozen beaches. Every February a Lemon Festival is held and a specific theme is followed. The festival goes on for a few days during which the various bands pass through the Menton’s streets on foot or truck trailers. The Casino Gardens, which enjoy the center position in the town, are decorated with as per theme; with lemon being used to cover the exhibit and the temporary statues are covered with variety of citrus fruits.

Menton’s Christnas Festival is also held in this very Casino Garden while the Menton Classical Music Festival is held in the center of the old town in which artists and symphony orchestras from all over the world participate in this event. A visit to this ‘City of Art and History’ will for sure elevate your spirits and relax you.