Located about 30 miles from the Italian border at Cote d Azur is the independent state of Monaco. Since past many decades this UN member has been attracting the common man and various sport personalities because of its healthy and peaceful climate. The House of Grimaldi has stayed in power since 1297 and it was under their rule that Monaco was declared the expat heaven of Europe. The highest point of the country is Chemin des Revoires which is a narrow pathway on the slopes of Mont Agel.

The fabulous scenery, the gambling facilities and the mild climate, all have contributed their part in making Monaco world famous as a tourist resort and recreation center. The mild temperature coupled with plenty of sunshine makes it one of the ideal tourist resorts. Well known for its casinos, the area offers number of events the whole year round. Monte Carlo is the only significant city of Monaco, not only because of the old Europe charm and new hotels which blends in nicely but also because of the Formula one racing that is held here every year. The race is worth watching.

Opera season, ballet and International Circus Festival attract people from all over the world who are eager to show off their talent and need a platform from whence to start. During the nights of July and August the sky over Monte Carlo is set on fire by the spectacular performances of International Fireworks Festival. The onset of November brings with it the International Marathon in which the participants are required to traverse France, Monaco and Italy. The end of the year is marked by the Christmas Festival during which there are concerts, parades and gala dinners. Monaco is and will always be one of the world’s premier destinations offering something to everyone.