St Paul de Vence – Ecstasy Of The French Riveria

St Paul de Vence is an old medieval village in the South of France of French Riveria. It attracts a lot of artists across the world over the time, with striking light and medieval feel, setting an exquisite and extricate backdrop for artwork.

The only way to move around the town is by walking. Allowing visitors to experience all the splendors the medieval town has to offer. It is a soothing heaven for the rich and famous. Due to its high location, you can enjoy beautiful vistas of sea and hills.

St Paul de Vence is renowned for its contemporary art galleries. The most popular is the Foundation Maeght that houses modern art of sculptures, paintings, ceramics and collages. The art collection includes works of Marc Chagall, Bonnard, Alexander Calder and Alberto Giacometti among the most popular. The surrounding gardens are outstanding with stunning art pieces. There is also Musee d’Histoire that is located in the hub of the town. It hosts wax figures wearing in historical clothes.

The cobbled stone paths are a treat to walk on. When you gaze onto the buildings constructed with great finesse across the paths, you get lost, rejoicing every piece of sophistication and charm only St Paul de Vence can propose. You would be able to spot elegant fountains and statues all around these pathways that would surely make you visualize yourself into another era.

The famous Russian painter Marc Chagall is buried in the cemetery of the town. His tomb is small and white in color, small stones are placed by the visitors as a tribute to the legend, followed by Russian and Jewish traditions.

The town is rich in modern facilities and historical heritage. A nice blend that can be found nowhere else! So make your way to an experience of a lifetime.

Why to come in St Paul de Vence?

  • Hiking: Enjoy the fun of hiking along the country road from St. Paul to Vence.
  • Foundation Maeght Exhibition: Art pieces from the Giuliano Gori collection for the first time in France.
  • Chagall Grave: Chagall’s art fan can pay honour to the renowned prodigy.