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1 Grande Vide Grenier de Nice
The best flea market every Sunday at the Palais des Expositions parking lot

2 The promeande des anglais
Enjoy a walk on the most famous walkway in Nice French Riviera

3  Saleya Live Free Concert
A series of free concerts planned through May and June

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NICE French Riviera

Do you want to visit the heaven on earth? With excellent weather and awe-inspiring sights, Nice should be your destination. Its open sea, splendid squares and grand shopping will give you the feel of mystical world. A must see beauty of this wondrous realm!

The fifth most populous city of France, Nice is the second largest French city on the Mediterranean coast and is commonly called Nice la Belle i.e. Nice the Beautiful and is the capital of Alpes Maritimes department. Known to be one of the places of the oldest human settlements in Europe, Nice french riviera has a treasure of attractions to visit, one of the most prominent ones being Promenede des anglais.

This beautiful walkway came into existence when the wealthy tourists who came to visit Nice in the 18th century thought of getting a path made so that they could enjoy the gentle winds and the beauty of the beach. A palatial Hotel Negresco, built on the promenade, was made in the 1912 and adding to the rich history of the time, its front opens to the side that is opposite to the Mediterranean, as was the custom then. Musee Massena is one of the most beautiful museums you will see, it is built along Promenade des alglais, took 3years to build and was given to Nice as 1917 by Andre Massena. With beautifully lit interiors, the museum is filled with the history of the place and Marche aux fleurs, one of the most popular beachfront hotels in Nice is also situated here.

The promenade is the place where most of the popular events take place, like the battle of flowers and the annual carnival and even when there is no event happening there, the promenade is an excellent place to just relax, and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Let’s begin your voyage to have nothing but the most stunning experience of France in Nice french riviera!
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