Cours Saleya: Exploring The Jewel

Have you barely existed for years? Do you want to live through the magnificence of the Nice?

You can enjoy the picturesque and exotic sights in Nice in the shape of Cours Saleya. Treat yourself with spectacular and red carpet wandering, the one which you have always waited for. Enjoy the inspiring historical legacy of Nice within your reach.

You would not be able to blink your eyes, in the most famous market of France, Cours Saleya. You would find all the exotic colours and fragrances of flowers that you can ever imagine. Other things like plants, vegetables, bread, olives etc. are easily available here. Fresh and mouth watering fruits such as figs, grapes, Kaki-fruits, apples and lychees are flooded in this market. These out of the ordinary items are available all six days of the week but on Mondays they are replaced by antiques of great finesse and sophistication. Do not make quick deals; make purchase only after skimming the whole market.

Adding up more value and allure to Cours Saleya is the fact that it is jam packed with fabulous restaurants, cafes and bars. They are a great place of relaxing, eating and having a drink. During this course, you can do people watching. You would surely spot people of many cultures to go by, each having his own story and perspective!

To fully exploit the pleasures of the market, get the best deals and avoid the hustling and the bustling, it is suggested to make your way to it as early as possible. After mid day people flock towards the market! But if you like to be surrounded by people or you are a late starter then you can opt to hold up a bit.

Life would never be the same again after visiting Nice. Picture yourself to wandering in the spectacular narrow streets of the City, France’s cultural heritage waiting to be explored in Nice.