Hotel Negresco: The Legacy of French Art and History

Grandeur and elegance is written all over it! Hotel Negresco is one of its kinds. It dates back to a century ago but encompasses history of many centuries. The pink domed hotel would definitely sweep you off your ground.

Hotel Negresco is situated at Promenade des Anglais offering stunning views of the Bay of Angels, was built by Henri Negresco in 1912. He left his home when he was only 15 years old to travel around the Europe. He was dedicated to build a spectacular palace, for that purpose he employed Edouard Niermans, who was one of the most highly regarded architects of that era. Henri Negresco fell prey to the World War I, first the hotel was converted to hospital. Due to economic setback, visitors dropped and the hotel was sold to a Belgian company. Later in 1957, the hotel was sold to Augier family; Madam Jeanne Augier took control in her hands. She renovated the hotel from the top to the bottom. She included auspicious furnishings and art collection. Great paintings can be spotted in guest rooms, public rooms and hallways. It houses portraits by Salon Louis XIV, Moretti, Sosno, Dali and other prominent names.

Its attribute that makes it stand out from the rest is its doorman’s dress, which is alike to the staff members in bourgeois homes in 18th century along with a signature postilion hat of red color. The Hotel Negresco was included as the National Historic Building by the French authorities. It is also an acknowledged member of the world’s best hotels.

The hotel will take you to the journey of French art and history dating back to five centuries. It’s renowned for its unique collection all round the world.

If you are visiting Nice, do not miss out on visiting or living in this place. Pamper yourself with the opportunity of lifetime. Let the magic begin!