Jardin Botanique de la Ville de Nice: The Exotic Blooms

Do you get tempted to smell the most exotic flowers of the world? Then make your way to Jardin Botanique in Nice, to experience the best the world has to offer.

The beautiful city, Nice lies on the southern coast of France. It has the pleasure of open sea of crystal clear waters. The City is lined with hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, cafes and markets. It maintains its legacy of historical heritage while it goes hand in hand with the contemporary living. Nice has an extraordinary weather throughout the whole year, serving a great asset for the city. Mouth watering foods of multiple cuisines are widely available at varying price ranges. Go on to your shopping expedition with loved ones to buy antiques, jewelry, souvenirs and lots more. What can you ask for more for your next vacation?

One of the most popular places to visit in Nice is Jardin Botanique. This botanical garden stretches up to 3.5 hectares of land and hosts to more than 3500 species of plants. The sole purpose of the garden is to manifest the striking beauty of natural surroundings. The motto of the organization is to protect the natural flora beauty of the area, to educate people about the significance of greenery, to conduct research work, to exchange seeds and other information with other botanical gardens. The garden comprises of different zones such as Mediterranean, Central Asia, Canary Islands, Japan, Near East etc.

As the garden is situated high so you can enjoy stunning views of the Bay of Angels. The garden encompasses spectacular vistas of amazing flowers and trees, enriching people’s minds.

Jardin Botanique is a favorite tourist spot. There are guided tours available along with frequently held exhibitions. There is a parking space accessible as well as library for the curious ones who are eager to explore about plants and trees.

Let’s begin your journey to experience nothing but the finest of France in Nice!