Marche aux Fleurs: Exotic Treasure of Scents and Colours

Enjoy the enthralling vistas of the streets of Nice with the historical resonance that can never be found anywhere.

One of the foremost highlights of the city is Marche aux Fleurs. You would fall in love with it as soon as you lay your eyes on it at the first time. The market dates back to 1800’s, translating great elegance. Marche aux Fleurs is a flower market situated in the center of the main square of Nice. The market is filled with the most striking flowers that anyone can think of. Flowers of varying colours, textures and fragrances are scattered all over the place. Once you visit there, you would not want to leave the place!

It is apparent that you would find flowers of all shapes and sizes there, from small and subtle flowers to house and potted plants. Rose, carnation, violet, jasmine and jonquil are readily available in the market. This is really a treat for the eyes!

Before making your purchase, wander all across the market to get to know all the options. Do not forget to bargain the prices. However, you would surely find them much cheaper than the ones from the florist. You can send flowers in a form of bouquet to loved ones or place them in your room.

If you are not up for shopping, then it must not stop you to absorb the luscious scenes and smells of Marche aux Fleurs. You would never forget this experience of sheer excellence.

When you get tired, have a break to drink and eat in many restaurants or cafes located in Cours Saleya, offering superior quality food items.

All in all, touring the beautiful City is nothing less than a fantasy. Additionally, you would be having all sorts of comforts and convenience round the clock. Delay no further and make the life-changing decision.