Museums of Nice – History Glorified

Nice is famous for Musee Matisse, which is situated in Cimiez park in Villa des Arenes, next to roman ruins. The museum showcases paintings, drawings and sculptures by Henri Matisse, who resided in Nice from 1917 to 1954. He is renowned French artist of the 20th century. The museum is surrounded by olive plantations, offering refreshing backdrop to the amazing work of art. The museum also hosts 65 paintings by Auguste Herbin and some photograph collection by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Relevant exhibitions are held throughout the year in the museum to educate people about the works of a legend.

Additionally, you can also have a look around Musee Chagall located in the hills of Cimiez Park, this museum houses collection by Chagall. The works are gathered by the artist himself. There is an array of spectacular paintings, mosaics, sculptures and glass windows. Everywhere you would find amalgamation of vibrant colors, allowing you to dwell into an imaginary world.

Nice also hosts the magnificent Musee Massena. It was built between the years of 1898 and 1901, based on Italian styled villas during the First Empire. It reflects on the city’s history and legacy from the early 19th century to the World War II. It hosts close to 15,000 pieces of work of art including paintings, sculptures, uniforms, weapons and furniture. The ground floors are utilized by the city for special events. Musee Massena is located on Promenade des Anglais. It is acknowledged for its unique collection of weapons dating from 15th to 19th centuries.
It is a journey taken to unleash the treasures of rulers’ eras from the British to the Americans and the endeavor of events such as carnivals. Museum’s first two floors are dedicated to translate the history of the City in the chronological order. The first floor embarks the three galleries pertaining to the era from 1792 to 1814; the second gallery is about Nice ruled by the Restauration Sarde and the third from 1860 to 1914. The second floor is for temporary exhibitions. The villa is surrounded by beautiful gardens all around it. It is difficult to take eyes away from them. These gardens contribute to the splendors and opulence of the museum.

Treat yourself with gold. Visiting Nice would prove to be the best decision of your life!