The Chateau – Paranormal Sights Of Nice

Do want to see the beautiful Nice, emerging or getting disappeared in the soothing twilight of sunrise and sunset? Well, then Chateau is the place for you!

Chateau is located between the Port and the Old City. It is a tall rocky hill where you can have a bird eye view of the glorious Old City, the Port and also Baie des Anges. At one corner you can absorb the refreshing feel and look of the mystical blue-green waters of the sea. On the other hand, you can gulp in the attractive sights of the city.

At dawn, at one side you can enjoy the tranquility of glistening waters popping out of darkness and on other side people waking up to join hands with life itself. Moreover, at dusk, you can get dwelled up into the depths of water, getting lost in the darkness. But night life emerges in the Cours Saleya where street lights start to gleam and shimmer.

You climb the steps to the pinnacle of the hill from the bottom of the Bay or the Old City. You can also opt to utilize a lift named ascenseur. There are ruins of the castle, once built there. The hill has a huge park where you can go for picnic with family and friends. The views from the top make it appealing and soothing, a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the Old City.

You can also treasure the splendors of a sparkling waterfall, deserving for getting a splash. Families find it like a paradise, rejoicing the pleasures of life. Great for people who are scared of getting into seawater!

If you feel like, you can visit cemetery of the city located on the hill. It is least crowded and provides a serene experience with splendid monuments.

Be prepared to lose your heart in the city of Nice, where you would come back again and again!